Aruba pristupna točka AP-303 Dual 2x2:2 Mu MIMO
Aruba pristupna točka AP-303 (RW) Dual 2x2:2 MU-MIMO Radio Internal Antennas. 80
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Aruba  pristupna  točka  AP-303  (RW)  Dual  2x2:2  MU-MIMO  Radio  Internal  Antennas.  802.11ac  –  5GHz  2x2  MIMO  (867  Mbps  max  rate)  and  2.4GHz  2x2  MIMO  (300  Mbps  max  rate)  radios.Aruba  303  is  designed  for  medium  device  density  environments,  such  as  schools,  retail  branches,  warehouses,  hotels  and  enterprise  offices,  where  the  environment  is  cost  sensitive.UNIQUE  BENEFITS•  Unified  AP  –  deploy  with  or  without  controller--The  303  Series  access  points  can  be  deployed  ineither  controller-based  (ArubaOS)  or  controller-less(InstantOS)  deployment  mode•  Dual  Radio  2x2  802.11ac  access  point  with  Multi-UserMIMO  (wave  2)--Supports  up  to  867Mbps  in  the  5GHz  band  (with  2SS/VHT80  client  devices)  and  up  to  300Mbps  in  the  2.4GHzband  (with  2SS/HT40  clients)
Specifikacije proizvoda
Tip unutrašnji
Podržane brzine 802.11n
Frekvencija [GHz] 2,4 / 5
Način rada AP
Priključci RJ45
Antena integrirana antena
Napajanje vanjski adapter/PoE
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